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After a summer of late night carousing I find I have to gently ease myself back into my landscape photography regime. I try to pick from my accumulated list of locations somewhere that won't require me getting up too early or driving too far. I'd had two false starts already - one where I didn't have money for diesel and one where I had to be in work on the day that I had picked out - but I was headed north west from Galway on a whole day of my favourite weather (rain showers). Unfortunately I had only got as far as Maam Cross when my wife phoned to tell me that she was sick and that

Posted on October 13, 2019 by aledowenthomas in Landscape

I usually spend a long time capturing a landscape image. I didn't linger with these images though, they were the equivalent of a smash and grab for me. You see, I'd forgotten a piece of kit essential for an Irish winter - my jacket. I'd driven 45 kilometres, pulled over, put on my hat and gloves, turned round to reach for my jacket on the back seat and found myself wanting. I may have uttered a short statement that rhymes with 'clucking bell' and I spent half my time running back to the car to warm up a bit.

Posted on November 04, 2013 by aledowenthomas in Landscape