owenmore river and ben lettery mountain

Every time I think of Roundstone I start signing ‘like a Roundstone cowboy’; I can’t help it. I wanted to photograph the harbour at sunrise so I stayed at a friend’s house in Carna because it’s closer to Roundstone, which meant I didn’t have to get out of bed as early.

It was while driving to Carna the previous evening that I thought to myself that my car really isn’t cut out for Connemara. The headlights don’t make much of an impression on the inky black skies, even on full beam, and when you have to dip for an oncoming car you practically have to guess where the road went. The following morning the roads had frozen and I was thankful that the good people at Hyundai had fitted the car with ABS as it started to behave more like a boat as it slid around on the ice!

I didn’t get the shot of Roundstone harbour that I was looking for but I got these two instead.