Maam Cross
maam cross connemara

After a summer of late night carousing I find I have to gently ease myself back into my landscape photography regime. I try to pick from my accumulated list of locations somewhere that won’t require me getting up too early or driving too far.

I’d had two false starts already – one where I didn’t have money for diesel and one where I had to be in work on the day that I had picked out – but I was headed north west from Galway on a whole day of my favourite weather (rain showers).

Unfortunately I had only got as far as Maam Cross when my wife phoned to tell me that she was sick and that I’d have to come back to do the school run. I decided to head south from Maam Cross and take the less direct route, since I had plenty of time, keeping an eye out for anything interesting on the way.

I saw a farm building lit by the sun while rain clouds darkened the mountains behind so I turned the car round and parked up. It was raining quite heavily as I stood on the side of the road deciding on my composition but I knew once the rain had passed the good light would come back. Once the rain let up I came back to my chosen spot with my camera and waited.

I didn’t have to wait long and got what I needed and nearly packed up a few times but decided to persevere for the light and dark combination I’d originally seen. I was rewarded for my patience and got a few shots in while it lasted.