inverin connemara

After the usual false starts and frustrations around this time of year I finally got up early one morning and headed out with my new camera. I wasn’t going far, just 20 minutes west to Spiddal. I had planned to get a long exposure of the pier under an overcast sky, but when I arrived at the location during the blue hour, before I’d even parked the car I could see that I wasn’t going to be able to get the shot that I was after as I’d neglected to notice that street lights run the length of the pier. The lights would create several blown-out orbs in the image.

The desire to try out my new camera (a Nikon D810 for those that are interested) was stronger than my desire to return to bed so I carried on west and when I reached Inverin I turned down a boreen towards the bay.

I found some rocks poking out of the high tide that I thought might be interesting subjects. I personally don’t think much of the final image but I do like the colours and figured that I’d post the final image here so you can see what I’ve been up to (me not having posted anything new since March).

The camera performed as well as I’d expected, I’m now able to do things that I just couldn’t do before. I could only drop the ISO to 100 (equivalent) with my D700 but the D810 goes down to ISO 32 (equivalent). This means much more versatility with long exposure shots.