Blackrock Revisited
Blackrock Diving Tower, Salthill, Galway

I check the weather forecast once a day looking for conditions favourable to photography. If there are conditions forecast that will suit an image that I have in mind I pay more attention and check the updates more often, and if there aren’t I pay less attention. So it was with complete surprise when I looked out the window and saw thick fog outside my house when I was expecting instead several days of rain.

The first thing I did was check the tide and on finding that it was high tide in about half an hour I made a quick dash for Salthill.

On checking a previous blog post I learnt that I had been waiting to attempt this image for almost exactly 3 years (the combination of high tide, thick fog and early morning being surprisingly infrequent). Previously I hadn’t been happy with the image only due to the amount of signage and barriers plastered all over the structure, but it turns out that it’s always like that. I prefer this angle of view though, so here it is. Along with an almost, but not quite, identical image processed slightly differently.

Blackrock Diving Tower