Blackrock Diving Tower
blackrock diving tower salthill galway

When I first saw this diving platform it was so cold on Salthill promenade that tears were streaming down my face. As I neared the diving platform I saw a man standing under an awning, soaking wet and in a pair of shorts, windmilling his arms. Referring to the water incredulously┬áI asked “Have you just been in there?”, he replied “No, this is how I always look”!

Stupid question really but I would have thought that a dip in the water at that time of year would kill you. On my return visits I’ve come to realise that a quick dip in the water is popular with the locals. I saw a man strip to his shorts, plonk himself into the water off one of the ladders, swim in a small circle, and head back out of the water quickly. As he trotted past me he said “Now I’m awake”.

These images were taken in the dawn as I wanted a blue sky but no shadows. Plus I wanted to be the only person there. Although while I was idly looking around as my camera made an exposure, I spotted a man on the beach taking a photo of what I first took to be me – but I reasoned must be the diving platform – on his mobile phone. I wasn’t expecting him and I must admit that he scared me a bit.