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Hook Head Lighthouse, County Wexford

After standing on the far side of this lighthouse for a few hours as the dawn broke, I made my way back to my car because I could no longer feel my hands (I have to wear thin gloves or I can’t operate the camera). The sun just creeping over the horizon presented me with this shot. I had to wait for a cloud that was covering the moon to move and I only noticed when I was processing the images that I was lucky enough to get the lamp on and pointing in the right direction as well, since in the exposures taken after this one, the lamp had been turned off.

Limited edition of 200.


8 x 12" / 20 x 30cm
Price(EUR): €59.00


12 x 18" / 30 x 46cm
Price(EUR): €89.00


Prices and sizes are for prints only. For more options see the Info page.

Hook Head Lighthouse