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beardy 02When you’ve been raised in one of the most beautiful parts of the world you don’t appreciate it as so, it’s just the norm. When I moved to Cardiff to study photography it was my lecturer that awakened my interest in landscape photography, and upon moving back to my native West Wales I saw my surroundings in a whole new light. I was at a very advantageous point in my life where I had more than enough spare time and a hobby to concentrate on. With a battered OS map as my guide I spent my days learning how to capture light and how to use a camera as a creative tool.

I moved to Dublin on a whim. Full time employment, no car and the temptations of the city meant my landscape photography went largely neglected. I never stopped photographing in all that time though. I became reasonably successful with music photography, but whenever I’d look out through a window at the golden winter light falling low over the city, I always yearned to be back out in the wilderness, positioned behind a tripod.

Not so very long ago I moved to Galway and many of the elements that I needed to dedicate my time to landscape photography fell into place once more. The West of Ireland being new to me, I saw the countryside in much the same way as I saw West Wales after my absence – with myriad photographic opportunities. I photograph what appeals to me, I do it for myself, for my own enjoyment and I’ve no wish to capture what is traditional or popular. I believe that this sets my work apart.

I’m immensely happy now that my photography career has come full circle and I’m concentrating solely on what originally ignited my passion. I’m also very lucky that my work appeals to others too (although always for reasons wholly different to my own; which is also enjoyable for me). When I’m not shooting, I’m planning the next shoot; landscape photography never really leaves my thoughts.

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e-mail me at aled@aledowenthomas.com or through the form below.

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My address is 74 Claremont Park, Circular Road, Rahoon, Galway, Ireland.

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