January 2018

North Mayo Coast

Shortly after passing through Tuam the sky darkened, turning almost purple, while a low and intense sunlight made everything before me really vivid. It was spectacular but somehow conditions like this seem to only happen when I’m in the car, or looking out through the window of my house, not when I’m pointing the camera […]

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To recap my last blog post (Paxton’s Tower), I had a shot of Paxton’s Tower which I wasn’t all that fussed about. It was a flat morning and I’d only gotten one usable exposure. I processed it in black and white and darkened the sky as much as I could get away with while trying […]

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Paxton’s Tower

I’d been having no luck at all during December so I was looking forward to visiting Wales around new years because I figured a different country would bring different weather conditions. I was wrong however, and it pretty much just rained the whole time. I was only over for a few days so I was […]

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