November 2013

What I Do

I thought that it might be a good idea to put up a post that explains – as succinctly as I can – how I go about getting one of my landscape images. Step 1: Planning You’d think, living as I do in the West of Ireland, that finding subjects to photograph would be easy. […]

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Colour or Black & White

When I’m processing an image, I have to make a decision on whether it should be colour or black and white. There are some images – like the two above – that pretty much tell me how they should be represented, and I don’t even try to process them any other way. The monochrome image […]

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Essential Equipment

I usually spend a long time capturing a landscape image. Only this week I set up my gear and then stood around for an hour or so while I waited for the sun to rise in the sky so that a shadow would move out of the way. I didn’t linger with these images though, […]

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