October 2013

Not What I Pictured

So you spy something that you’d like to photograph. You do the recce, working out your angle, where the sun’s going to be, which lens and filter you’re going to use, and so on. Then you turn up on the day to find that, actually, your plan’s not going to work at all, and you […]

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Old Cows

I’m from dairy farming country, I’m used to cows. They’re docile and stupid and are unlikely to chase you up a tree. But when you get up close you remember that they’re actually pretty big and could flatten you if the notion took them. I met these two old dears munching from a feed tray […]

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Loughkip River

Photographing this river at the point where it passes underneath the N59 had been on my to-do list for months. It’s a peaceful spot, although it’s easy to miss as you’re generally doing 100kph when you pass through. I don’t think I’ve actually photographed a river before and I found its flow a little disconcerting, […]

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