June 2013

Barna Wood

Barna Wood is small, however there were a few moments after having concentrated on a composition for some time, that it dawned on me with mild panic that I didn’t know the way out. A compass is called for if you’re venturing into a wood, methinks. It had been raining throughout the night so I thought […]

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Rahoon Road Tree, Pt. I (Summer)

It occurred to me as I sneaked out of my home at 6:20am, that it wasn’t the first time that I’d tried to leave a house without waking the inhabitants. Although that was usually for a more Rock ‘n’ Roll reason. This time I was on my way to photograph a tree that that I’d noticed […]

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Riverside, Galway City

Since moving to Galway at the end of February, I haven’t been in to the city very much, preferring to head out in to Connemara instead. I have been scouting out a few locations to shoot within the City of Tribes recently, and here is the first image. Taken late on a May evening, I don’t […]

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